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To our valued customers,   This is unfortunately the last month of our subscription box as we are shifting our focus to becoming Canada’s best cand...

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Candlr Review - December 2017 - CDN Box Addict

What is it? Candlr
How much? $45/month plus shipping. Shipping calculated at checkout. All prices in Canadian ...

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Candlr Review - December 2017 - Subscription Box Girl

Love candles? Candlr will light up your life! Has anyone noticed my new obsession with candles? I never ...

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Candlr Review - January 2018 - Girl Meets Box

Candlr is a Canadian monthly subscription box of curated candles based on each month's theme. Each month a different ...

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Candlr Review - January 2018 CDN Box Addict

What is it? Candlr Box How Much? $45/month plus shipping. Shipping cost vallidated at checkout. All prices ...

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Love candles? Candlr will light up your life!

Kelsey (Subscriptionboxgirl)

Candlr’s customer service is exceptional! I had a few questions and they replied almost instantly each time.

Hayley (Cdnboxaddict)

The service with Candlr is wonderful. I appreciate the description provided in the box, I love the product; the candles smell wonderful, aren’t messy when they burn, etc. ... Very happy!


A good candle should have a scent that makes you happy when it flows thru the room but should also be made with quality, non toxic ingredients. Candlr has it all plus the added benefit of being a Canadian company.

Kelsey (Subscriptionboxgirl)

I would highly recommend this box for yourself or the candle lover in your life.

Hayley (Cdnboxaddict)

[When I met Candlr] I was immediately in talks about ingredient information and was blown away by the in depth responses regarding each and every candle - including business details of each company if I wanted to look into their information myself/purchase similar products.

Aaron & Kyle (Mitchell & NiQuail [birds])