$MRS.V, $MSNVF: Awarded $24M Contract outside of the DLA

MissionReady is Ready to Enter $MRS.V, $MSNVF is looking to capitalize on the current PPE demand through an American channel. $MRS.V is similar to $THRM.V in that they are trying to leverage the COVID-19 PPE market but they come along with a few twists. This micro cap stock has huge upside potential given the natureContinue reading “$MRS.V, $MSNVF: Awarded $24M Contract outside of the DLA”

COVID-19 Play $THRM.V: PPE and Sanitizer

COVID-19 Play: PPE and Sanitizer Capitalization ThermaBright (THRM.V) although largely unknown has shown potential to be another COVID-19 play. This company is attempting to move into the personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer COVID-19 markets. Major news outlets such as Bloomberg and CTV News believe it will be some time before the demand isContinue reading “COVID-19 Play $THRM.V: PPE and Sanitizer”

COVID-19 Play: SONA Reversal after Brutal Drop

COVID-19 Play Uptrend COVID-19 Play $SONA is seeing some very good action today after having a brutal two days leading up to and after a news release asking for more time. This thing is currently on fire and has gained even more since we have originally set up this chart. Get in now as itContinue reading “COVID-19 Play: SONA Reversal after Brutal Drop”

COVID-19 Testing Kit $MIR: Canadian/Swiss/American Collab

Testing Kit Technically Speaking COVID-19 testing kit companies continue to move in the markets. We mentioned $SONA last week and now turn our attention towards MedMira (MIR). MIR is a medical devices company who have access to the US market through Webb Diagnostics. A series of news articles found here on the Webb website showContinue reading “COVID-19 Testing Kit $MIR: Canadian/Swiss/American Collab”