Extraction Company Comparison

CIG’s full Comparison of 4 major Canadian cannabis extraction companies.

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Source: Valens Groworks Investor Presentation


RTI number is based off of management’s best estimate based on a 280-day operational year. This is from 02/28/19 Financials, link HERE.

VGW(kg)NEPT(kg) LABS(kg)RTI(kg)

CO2 Extraction method

Valens Groworks, Neptune Solutions and MediPharm Labs use CO2 extraction method.

What is CO2 Extraction?

The Supercritical CO2 extraction process creates phase changes in carbon dioxide utilizing temperature and pressure. CO2 is known as a “tunable solvent” making it extremely versatile for creating a multitude of end products by controlling temperature and pressure. These phase changes create an environment to drop out differing weights of components in the plant material.

Why use CO2?

The primary reason is to create a pure, clean, quality oil that is safe to produce with little-to- no post-processing, unlike toxic solvents that may require many hours to purge the solvent trapped in the oil. In addition, multiple industries have proven that the highest efficiencies in commercial processing utilize CO2. 

CO2 is efficient, inexpensive and is a “tunable” solvent. The ability to “tune” the extraction process can not be overstated – especially with a system that will separate constituents during an extraction. You can target specific compounds, like terpenes (terpenoids) through different parameters. CO2 is also a sanitizing agent, prolonging shelf life and with the proper system and environment, yields food and medical grade oils.

CO2 extraction is the cleanest, safest method for extracting plants such as hops, cannabis and a wide range of nutraceuticals and organic crops.

Source for CO2 Extraction: Edenlabs

Radient Technologies MAP Extraction Method

Microwave-Assisted Extraction (MAP) of Value-Added Ingredients from Natural Biomass

Source: Radient Technologies
  • Much faster extraction rates
  • Efficient “single stage” extraction
  • Improved extraction selectivity and purity
  • Ease of commercial scalability

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