Global Care Capital Inc (CSE:HLTH) A Unique Way To Invest In the Covid-19 Sector

Who Let The Dogs Out? The pandemic has ushered in a wave of stock promotions that were short lived thanks to the crackdown by regulatory bodies and watchdogs. As a result investors have become rightfully wary of publicly traded companies making grandiose claims in this sector. Yet within this flurry of activity legitimate companies haveContinue reading “Global Care Capital Inc (CSE:HLTH) A Unique Way To Invest In the Covid-19 Sector”

Rebound of Airline Stocks

The airline industry contributes greatly to countries’ employment while bridging continents for global trade & travel, faces its greatest crisis as the coronavirus outbreak wiped out business and customer plans with governmental-level restrictions on free travel which have only begun easing with the most recent steps toward normalization. However many investors are starting to regain confidence inContinue reading “Rebound of Airline Stocks”

Gaia Grow (CSE: GAIA) a CBD game changer

When Gaia Grow completed the reverse takeover of the Spirit Bear ticker and completed the private placement financing at $0.10, shareholders were excited about their stake in a Canadian hemp grower with an energetic CEO. By August 1st, 2019, when the stock began trading, the cannabis sector was on a slippery slope. In fact theContinue reading “Gaia Grow (CSE: GAIA) a CBD game changer”

SONA Nanotech Surges on Anticipation of Covid-19 Test Kit Validation Results and Mass Manufacturing

OVERVIEW Sona Nanotech had been under the radar for quite some time now, but as the validation advances and steps fall into place, the world is quickly realizing the potential of Sona’s test kit. Not only will it be the most accurate test to come to market, but it will also include tracing technology thanksContinue reading “SONA Nanotech Surges on Anticipation of Covid-19 Test Kit Validation Results and Mass Manufacturing”


“Rosana Barbosa, mother of little 4-year-old Olivia, shared her story with Purodiol with us. Her daughter completed a year without seizures. Play and check your testimonial.” The subtitles are not 100% accurate, but close enough to understand the gist of what she is saying. In 2017/18, Isodiolex, Purodiol, and Isoderm received approval from Brazilian HealthContinue reading “ISODIOL PRODUCT – PURODIOL – TESTIMONIAL MAY 2020”

TSX:WELL Pops After Earnings

Well Health Technologies pops after earnings which reveal they have $17.5M on the balance sheet and continued to acquire companies throughout COVID. What Does Well Health Technologies Do? For those of you who don’t know what Well does, they provide digital health SAAS and operate their own health clinics in BC. Their mission started toContinue reading “TSX:WELL Pops After Earnings”

Lightspeed POS Stock is Moving at Lightning Speed

Many of you might not know about the company Lightspeed. I have been investing in them since the IPO. Recently there was a huge jump in the stock price which has sparked investors interested in the company. Lightspeed is a technology company that helps to empower small and medium businesses (SMB). Through their technology platform,Continue reading “Lightspeed POS Stock is Moving at Lightning Speed”

Is The Stock Market Drunk?

Stocks have recovered 32% and are only down 12% from the Feb all time highs. In the mean time, the economy has been completely shut down for 2 months and a plan to reopen has many health officials shuddering. Should we trust this v-shaped recovery or is this just another bull trap? Businesses like travelContinue reading “Is The Stock Market Drunk?”