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  • Sector: Health Technology
  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals: Major

InnoCan Pharma Corp. focuses on the development and sale of CBD-integrated pharmaceuticals including topical treatments for relief of psoriasis symptoms as well as the treatment of muscle pain and rheumatic pain. It operates through the following segments: Research, Development, Marketing, Distribution and Sales Of Innocanbranded OTC Pharmaceutical Products; Research and Development Of Non-Pharmaceutical Products for Third Parties in Exchange for Fees or Royalties; and (Iii) Research and Development of Hydrogels Containing Liposomes Intended for Licensing or Sale to Third Party Pharmaceutical Corporations for Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales. The company was founded in October 2017 and is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel.


Innocan Pharma’s business can be described as three distinct operating segments relating to the incorporation in products of CBD in their formulation:

  • Research and development of the treatment of Covid-19 (and other viruses causing lung inflammation as well as other central nervous system (CNS) diseases such as epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease) by using CBD loaded exosomes (“CLX”);
  • Research and development of the use of CBD loaded liposomes to provide pain relief and treat epilepsy and other central nervous system disorders and other indications; and
  • Commercialization and sale of branded CBD integrated pharmaceutical and topical treatment products for relief of psoriasis symptoms as well as the treatment of muscle pain and rheumatic pain.

Multi-Disciplinary Management and R&D Team

  • Iris Bincovich, an experienced healthcare Executive 
  • Ron Mayron, former CEO of Teva Israel, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world 
  • Yoram Drucker Founder of two Nasdaq traded companies – Pluristem & Brainstorm, working with stem cells 
  • Nir Avram, former member of the pharma innovation team at Perrigo
  • Prof. Hezy Barenholz, Head of the Laboratory of Membrane and Liposome Research of the Hebrew University – Jerusalem
  • Prof. Daniel Offen, a leading researcher specializing in Neuroscience and Exosome technology, Head of the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at Tel Aviv University.

Covid-19 – scientific update

Since signing the agreement between Innocan Pharma and Tel Aviv University team headed by Prof. Daniel Offen to develop a new revolutionary approach to treat the COVID-19 Corona Virus (and other lung diseases) with Exosomes-Loaded CBD, two articles have been published that support this approach to loading exosomes with CBD molecules.

1. Pioneer clinical trial in Christ Hospital, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA, was published under the title: ״Exosomes Derived from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells as Treatment for Severe COVID-19” (
In this study exosome solution “ExoFlo” was administered intravenously to 24 patients that were largely dependent on assisted ventilation as a result of a Covid-19 infection. The survival rate was 83% and overall, 71% of the patients (17/24) recovered and / or were discharged from the hospital after an average of 5.6 days after intravenous exosomes administration. This prospective open-label study on COVID-19 patients showed that the bone marrow-derived exosomes can be safely administered by intravenous infusion without an infusion reaction or adverse effects.

2. University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, scientists developed a new medical cannabis cultivars that show promise in combatting COVID-19 virus ( -promise-combatting-covid-19 virus # .Xr0KLGgzZaQ)
The study focused on how certain cannabis extracts affect ACE2 and TMPRSS2 proteins. These proteins are embedded in the cellular membrane and represent a key gateway for the COVID-19 virus to enter host cells. The researchers used cannabis sativa extracts to modulate the levels of these enzymes. Initial data suggest that 13 C. sativa extracts which contains high levels of CBD (cannabidiol) modulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 target tissues and down-regulate TMPRSS2. The results demonstrate that these high-CBD C. sativa lines have the potential to become a useful and safe addition to COVID-19 treatment.

Our approach to loading exosomes with CBD molecules to improve the healing effects of both components at the same time is supported by these scientific studies.
Prof. Dr. Daniel Offen comments: “It is fantastic to see that both active ingredients show, independently, encouraging results in the fighting against the COVID-19 virus. We believe that the combination of CBD and exosome is extremely promising treatment against COVID-19 and we are looking forward to get our results soon”.

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