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Freedom Cannabis is a private, seed to sale cannabis company licensed by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. Established in 2017 and based in the province of Alberta, we have assembled a team of experts and experienced professionals who are working to build one of the world’s leading cannabis companies.


Freedom Cannabis is committed to investing in green initiatives such as solar energy, water remediation, environmentally friendly packaging and research into biofuels. We currently have a solar panel system consisting of 4,574 solar modules. This system will offset 1041 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. We are also committed to being a leader in waste reduction in the cannabis industry. In order to accomplish this, we have partnered with Nitrotin to produce 100% recyclable packaging.

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  • By now, it’s impossible not to have heard of the pandemic that’s sweeping the globe. COVID-19 is all over TV and social media and in the cautious eyes of grocery shoppers and essential workers alike.As a result of this novel coronavirus, many of us have exchanged our normal lives for days spent self-isolating, quarantining, and […]
  • You’ve probably heard of sativa and indica, the two main species of cannabis- but have you heard of cannabis ruderalis?It’s undecided in the scientific community whether ruderalis is a species of cannabis, or entirely its own plant. At this point in time, it could go both ways.For now, we’ll call it cousin #3. Sativa, indica: […]
  • The cannabis plant is a unique, complicated beauty that’s been utilized for centuries. The plant can be broken down into multiple subspecies, each varying in height, life cycle, and structural design. Psychological effects vary between species and even more so between strains. So, which one is right for you?Understanding each strain is essential to decide […]
  • The cannabis industry is growing, and this incredible evolution means two things: more access to cannabis for consumers, and a larger carbon-footprint for growers. We’re beyond excited that the benefits of cannabis are so valued by Canadians. But a larger environmental impact? We can’t say we love that.According to the Global Footprint Network, just one […]
  • We’re entering a powerful new age: one where cannabis is looked at with respect and curiosity, rather than discrimination and shame.With cannabis now legal in Canada, consumers can feel safe exploring the effects of this incredibly diverse plant.However, we still want to make sure that people remember:It’s important to treat cannabis with caution and respect.We […]

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