About Candlr

A Powerful Trading Tool

Founded in 2018, Candlr is an Investment & Marketing firm developing the best in class stock screener app for traders and investors. Our proprietary software can spot technical patterns and suggest buy or sell ratings using machine learning. Candlr covers all sectors, and will continue to expand in to new sectors as the times come. Candlr Media is an official news publisher of Google News. Find us Here.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of relevant information in the stock markets by acquiring original content and curating quality news on the most promising businesses and influential investors, and helping to bridge the gaps between retail investors and institutional investors.

Our Mission

Retail investors are quickly transforming from having to call brokers to using apps to purchase stocks and make trades, stock markets investing have never been easier and more popular. Rapid changes contribute to retail investors having voices in investment media. While much progress has been made, it remains extremely challenging for retail investors to find the best stock trading screener.

Our Investment

We believe in taking measurable risks with premature businesses in their startup stages, by providing our multitude of resources (i.e. funding, marketing, consulting) to expedite their growth. After the businesses have reached our threshold standards (i.e. ethicality, practicality, financially) we continue to hold shares for long-term development or negotiate for a departure/termination settlement.