Infinite CBD Joins Charlotte’s Web in FDA-focused Study on CBD Safety

Infinite CBD Joins Industry Leaders in a Clinical Trial to Provide Evidence of Safety in Cannabinoid Product Use

 – Infinite CBD, creators of the original CBD-infused asteroid gummy, announced they will join Charlotte’s Web and other industry-leading CBD businesses as a co-sponsor and participant in ValidCare’s large-scale research study to provide the US Food and Drug Administration with the safety data it needs. Alongside Charlotte’s Web, Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs, CBDistillery, CBD American Shaman, HempFusion, Kannaway, and Columbia Care were the first asked to join the Centennial, CO-based research firm ValidCare’s CBD-focused study.

The ValidCare study has been created in direct response to the FDA’s request to Congress on March 5th, 2020 to gather additional scientific data on the industry prior to making any rulings or creating standards for the industry. The biggest fear is that the ingestion of CBD-infused products could possibly result in liver toxicity. Infinite CBD and the other CBD companies slated for the study have confidence that the data produced by Validcare will be the science needed to quell any and all FDA fears.

“We are honored to be participating in a study that will deliver true cannabidiol user data to the FDA. We hope that these efforts will showcase the abilities of this cannabinoid and pave the way for regulation within our ever-growing industry. As a pioneer of exceptional CBD isolate products, we are thrilled to use this consumer data to further improve the customer experience.” – Infinite CBD CEO John Ramsay

The study will utilize 100 CBD-users provided by each of the sponsoring businesses. Beginning, July 2020, participants will commit to the oral consumption of CBD products daily for 30 days and will be monitored by ValidCare’s team as well as multiple third party doctors. Data could be recorded and released as early as the end of the year.

Infinite CBD has always made a firm commitment to its customers regarding the purity of its CBD isolate and all of the products brought to the market. This opportunity to participate in and co-sponsor this groundbreaking study for the CBD industry was met with great excitement. Infinite CBD knows this study will provide information that will pave the way for the FDA to set fair and appropriate regulations on all CBD products and open up new opportunities for the industry as a whole.

About Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD is dedicated to providing the purest CBD products on the market. With in-house chemists formulating the products and a single-source CBD supply, Infinite creates quality and consistent products to help you in your journey to improving your quality of life. All products offer third-party lab results to validate their consistency and purity. Their industry-leading refinement process produces impressive CBD isolate, bringing customers luxury CBD at affordable pricing. Infinite CBD offers vegan options for plant-based customers while the Leaping Bunny Certification guarantees a cruelty-free product selection to all.

Made with 99%+ CBD isolate, found in 1,000+ wholesale locations, having improved the quality of life for over 45,000 households in America, and coming in highly recommended by 96% of product users, Infinite CBD can speak for itself.

Infinite CBD is here to create a cannabis revolution.

Stephen Ryan
Infinite CBD



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