Naturally Splendid – Exciting Times

These are exciting times to be a Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. (“NSE”) shareholder. With the closing of NSE private placement and the Phase II clinical trials for a potential Covid-19 treatment being fast-tracked by Health Canada for Cavaltinibtm, there certainly appear to be bright days ahead.


Naturally Splendid has partnered with Biologic Pharmamedical Research through a joint venture for a patented technology to produce Cavaltinibtm. The joint venture will grant NSE certain rights from Biologic’s patents as it relates to Covid-19 applications, as well as other applications that may come apparent from the clinical studies. CavaltinibTM  was not initially developed to combat Novel Coronavirus but due to its efficacy has subsequently fallen into consideration as it is a respiratory and inflammation inhibitor.

May 19, 2020 News Release

On June 1ST Naturally Splendid announced, as they await the start of the Phase II clinical trials within the next 30 days, full inventory for Cavaltinibtm is already produced. Two facilities have been identified in Canada as well as two in the USA in anticipation of a scale-up test in Phase 3. This combined manufacturing would be sufficient to serve International markets.

June 1, 2020 News Release

Strengthening of Management Team

This past Year NSE has added multiple advisors and new board members to its team with Dr. Stuart Love helping to launch one of NSE’s newer lines, Natera Sport Bites which were featured in two issues of the much read Golf Magazine (August 2019 October 2019 issues). The Sport Bites were also featured at a pavilion at the Genesis Invitational Golf Tournament that is hosted by the world-renowned golfer, Tiger Woods. Look for them in a pro shop near you.

Mr. George Ragogna joins the Board of Directors of the Company

December 2019 George Ragogna joined NSE and CEO Craig Goodwin states, “We are privileged to have George join our Board. His overall business acumen will be of great value as we grow our Company. George has over 30 years experience in the Canadian financial services industry with over 20 years in a progressive leadership role specializing in; strategic planning, corporate sales, workforce optimization and regulatory compliance.

George Ragogna – Director of Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.

George Ragogna has over 30 years experience in the Canadian financial services industry with over 20 years in a progressive leadership role specializing in; strategic planning, corporate sales, workforce optimization and regulatory compliance. George successfully manages and supports a call center of over 550 employees, ensuring new and existing staff are trained and knowledgeable in the financial services industry and compliance processes. George brings unique business acumen and strong technical skills that will strengthen Naturally Splendid board.

Is There a Doctor in the House??

Naturally Splendid is pleased to announce that Mr. Mehrab Manteghian has been appointed to the Company’s Advisory Board as R&D Scientist/Scientific Advisor. His duties and focus on this role will be directed to providing expertise when reviewing, implementing and executing scientific research studies. Naturally Splendid CEO Craig Goodwin states, “Mehrab has a unique skill set that is perfectly situated for the needs of Naturally Splendid. His combination of a strong scientific background focussing on medicine and his formal education as a food scientist is already proving his worth to Naturally Splendid. The Company’s internal R&D Scientist, Mehrab Manteghain, who holds a Doctorate of Medicine degree as well a degree in food science, has reviewed the data from the clinical studies on this technology and will be actively involved as they pursue and complete clinical trials for Covid-19 Applications.


June 15 is the date investors will see the long awaited Q4 financials which have been delayed to the challenges operating within the confines of a pandemic. Already shattering the 2018 YTD sales in Q3, investors will clearly see the potential for Naturally Splendid in Q4 summing up a year that involved expansion and upgrades to facilities and increasing the  potential of NSE and their Safe Quality Food Level 2 Food Manufacturing facility.

Naturally Splendid’s Valuation performed by RwE Growth partners for their wholly owned Prosnack Division alone is $11.1 Million. Compare this to a total market cap of $9.9 million at time of writing and I see the potential for a large increase in share price in the near future even before the addition of Cavaltinibtm to their arsenal. As the Health Canada Phase 2 trials progress for this product, sales should increase for their other anti-inflammatory products with similar technology; Procurc 30 and Procurc 50.I foresee a definite upstroke for investors. This is the time to Add Naturally Splendid to your watchlist in my opinion.

About Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.

NSE operates a Safe Quality Food Level 2 certified food manufacturing facility just outside Vancouver, BC in Canada. We have established numerous healthy, functional foods under recognized brands such as Natera Sport(TM), Natera Hemp Foods, CHII (TM), Elevate Me(TM) and Woods Wild Bar. The Company has a myriad of new products and line extensions under development that are approaching launch. NSE has also developed proprietary technologies for the extraction of high demand, healthy omega 3 and 6 oils from hemp. (NSE sales revenues for the first half 2019 exceeded FY2018).NSE is the current “go-to” manufacturer for healthy, functional food products and ingredients focusing on plant-based ingredients. The Company provides contract manufacturing services for many global healthy food companies, private labelling a wide variety of nutritional food products destined for global healthy food markets.

See our Naturally Splendid Enterprises Company Candlr Page for Technicals, previous News Releases and Candlr’s Naturally Splendid Profile with links to Tradingview,com charts or visit the Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. website at

Full disclosure I own NSP shares and have no reason to trade them under $0.30

Written By Rob Armstrong – Sock Drawer Investor Inc.

Naturally splendid is a paid client of SDI Inc. Sock Drawer Investor Inc., (“SDI Inc.”) is not a licenced broker, dealer, investment advisor, or underwriter.  All information that we provide is for informational purposes only; and should not be construed as suggestion to purchase or sell securities or an offer of solicitation. There is a risk of losing money in investing and therefore Professional advisement by a licenced individual should be sought before investing.

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