New Wave Holdings Corp Provides Funding for LSD Research Study

NEW WAVE HOLDINGS CORP. (CSE: SPOR) (Frankfurt: 0XM2) (OTC: TRMND), is pleased to announce that it will support the Delos Psyche Research Group (“Delos Psyche”) in its study designed to determine the impact of ingesting small amounts of hallucinogenic or psychedelic substances such as lysergic acid diethylamide (“LSD”)  for medicinal or therapeutic purposes.

“We are pleased to support Delos Psyche and look forward to working with their team as they begin this new study,” said Trumbull Fisher, President of New Wave. “This is an important step toward bringing psychedelic therapies to the people that may greatly benefit from these potential treatments.”  

The purpose of this observational study is to determine some of the effects of microdosing LSD on patients suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and a variety of other clinical constructs, as well as its impact on positive psychological constructs. This study will use a naturalistic setting and a 3-day dosing cycle across a 30-day time period.

“Microdosing” is the practice of ingesting small, sub-hallucinogenic amounts of psychedelic compounds such as LSD, psilocybin, or mescaline. Microdosing has become an increasingly popular practice, particularly for individuals in the technology industry, where it is often used to increase focus, motivation, quality of relationships, and creativity.

Details of the Study:

Outcome measures will include 11 psychometric assessments that will observe changes in anxiety, depression, stress, occupational burnout, positive and negative affect, emotional regulation, personality, absorption, quality of life, mindfulness, self-care, boredom, and social distress.

It will also integrate custom questions that relate to changes in behaviors such as substance use as well as changes in physical symptoms such as headaches. A comprehensive demographics questionnaire will be used to identify other factors that may impact results such as previous substance use and use of psychedelics, including both full doses of psychedelics and microdosing.

The study will also include reports on expectancy, adverse events and daily reports. The expectancy questionnaire will compare participants’ expectations about microdosing with the post-study outcomes. The adverse event exit questionnaire will assess for any commonly occurring side-effects of microdosing psychedelics. The daily report will assess changes in mood and other psychological factors across time.

The group will be divided into two separate studies with one group being savvy to microdosing and with the placebo control group being microdosing-naïve.


Delos Psyche is an independent research group founded in 2018 under the leadership of Richard Knowles and is dedicated to the scientific exploration of the therapeutic potentials of psychedelic substances. Delos Psyche has partnered with The Beckley Foundation, a UK-based institution founded by Amanda Feilding in 1998 for the purpose of pioneering psychedelic research and driving evidence-based drug policy reform. This partnership will involve the current observational study, which will investigate a wide variety of psychological and neurophysiological parameters associated with microdosing lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).


New Wave Holdings Corp. (CSE: SPOR, FWB: 0XM2, OTC:TRMND) is an investment issuer focused on the burgeoning psychedelic and esports sectors.


  • Anahit Therapeutics Ltd.: In the psychedelic sector New Wave will focus on active psychedelic compounds, functional mushroom product lines, and develop an IP portfolio focusing on psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, and ketamine derived treatments for neuropsychiatric diseases.
  • Avatar One Esports Capital Corp.: An esports acquisition vehicle, Avatar has invested in Real Time Games Holdings Limited, owners and operators of Luckbox. Luckbox is an esports wage betting platform (minority stake investment at a $1M valuation).
  • Even Matchup Gaming: Events company bringing esports to the masses through over 80 annual events (minority investment).
  • PlayLine: Daily fantasy sports betting platform, co-founded by UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, with two-time NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert as their Investor/Strategic Partnerships Manager (minority stake investment at a $4M valuation).
  • Talon Esports: Professional esports team operator in Asia providing a supportive platform to elevate its players to compete at the highest levels in triple-A gaming titles (minority stake investment at a $4M valuation).
  • Thunderbolt CDG: Software applications and technology development company that has provided services for 40+ startup companies (wholly-owned subsidiary).
  • Tiidal Gaming: Esports organization that owns and operates Canada’s premier esports team Lazarus, one of the highest-grossing teams in the world (minority stake investment at an $8M valuation).

Investors interested in connecting with New Wave Holdings can learn more about the company and contact the team at

Media interested in interviews and more information may contact Brittany Whitmore at

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