Global Care Capital Inc (CSE:HLTH) A Unique Way To Invest In the Covid-19 Sector

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Global Care Capital Inc (CSE: HLTH) — Hot Stocks Review

The pandemic has ushered in a wave of stock promotions that were short lived thanks to the crackdown by regulatory bodies and watchdogs. As a result investors have become rightfully wary of publicly traded companies making grandiose claims in this sector. Yet within this flurry of activity legitimate companies have come to the fore. Companies which have passed rigorous compliance protocols implemented by the SEC, IIROC, FDA and other regulatory bodies.

While we’ve seen intense share price movement on pandemic related stocks, including legitimate ones, most have settled. Business plans are moving forward. R&D continues, Opportunities continue to abound for the vigilant investor. No single government, company, or scientist will come out of this with the sole saving remedy to a vast problem. Many will add a piece to the puzzle. One of these pieces happens to be a remarkable investment opportunity.

Healthcare Related Investment Company’s Brilliant Acquisition Strategy An Opportunity To Diversify

Global Care Capital Inc. (CSE:HLTH) is a publicly listed global investment company specializing in providing early-stage financing to private and public companies primarily in the burgeoning healthcare sector. The company has 53.8 million shares outstanding, 10% of which are held by insiders. Using 0.40/share, its market capitalization stands at only ~$21 million (CAD). The segment in healthcare that Global Care’s is targeting was valued at $4.7 billion (USD) in 2019 and forecast to grow at 8.5% through to 2027 (Grandview Research, Apr 2020).

Global Care Capital Inc. (CSE:HLTH) is moving quickly to acquire and bring to market compliant, regulated healthcare products while expanding their bandwidth and throughput capabilities to accommodate anticipated, and rapidly growing global demand.

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