All of the research surrounding ticker SONA and why it is a definite buy.

SONA Partner Bond Digital Health part of 41M£ UK Investment

“Innovative businesses and start-ups across Wales are set to benefit from a £40 million UK Government investment to drive forward new technological advances. UK Business Secretary Alok Sharma has announced the UK Government is doubling investment in the Fast Start Competition with an additional £20 million.”

The logo of SONA nanotech and a page summing important information.

SONA partner Bond Digital Health (BDH) are the subject of a 41M£ investment grant from the UK government to combat COVID-19. BDH are one of four Welsh companies who will be sharing the fast start grant for their data processing and tracing technologies. They claim they will be able to essentially upload real-time accurate test data to a dashboard style website. As a result we are becoming more bullish on SONA. Please refer to the following links to see our due diligence on SONA:

  • March 2020: We began trading SONA at the 0.75 price point.
  • May 7th: First in depth look at SONA to determine legitimacy based on news, kit cost, production capacity, market cap, and price targets.
  • May 13th: First technical announcement of a potential trend reversal.
  • May 20th: Following further due diligence and news releases the dots were connected yesterday (most pertinent page to read)
  • May 20th: More in depth technical analysis of the current uptrend.
  • May 21st: UK Government announces grant to SONA partner BDH.
  • May 21st: Candlr Health Canada and FDA article on SONA’s submission retweeted by the company.

Disclaimer: We own shares of SONA. We are not paid by the company for endorsement or advertisement.

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