How to Make More Money on Candlr

Show us the money: Cash is the coronavirus vaccine we need now ...
  • Create unique, valuable content.
  • Make sure that every piece of content links to more pieces of content. That way, if your visitor isn’t enjoying the page they landed upon, they might see a link to another topic(you wrote) they would be interested in instead.
  • Make sure your post has enough content to add ads (200 words, 1-2 ads for monetization vs 1000 words, 5-8 ads for monetization – 50% increase in ad revenues). Minimum words per post = 100 words.
  • SEO is important, at the bottom of each post you will see search engine optimization tool and you will likely get more organic visitors, meaning higher ad revenues.
  • Use Google Trends to see the most trending word to trigger google for more organic visitors.
  • Promote content at the right time, before market opens and during.
  • Promote content to the right place.

Source: Candlr

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