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Oracle Watchlist (May 15th): Another Green Day?

Oracle Watchlist for May 15th. After a bloody week we hope to see a second day of recovering going into the weekend.

  • $MRS.V ($MSNVF): Our biggest winner up 162% yesterday after trading resumption and news of a $24M contract. As a result it also has a lot more contract potential.
  • $ZOMD: We are currently working on a writeup for this but it has moved 55% in two days and has massive assets vs. market cap.
  • $SONA: SONA had a bloody week followed by a bull trap on the 13th but another legitimate bullish move on the 14th.
  • $AC: Air Canada also lost quite a bit of value this week but showed reversal signs on the 13th and went very green as of yesterday as well.
  • $NTAR: Reported astounding financials yesterday and is in one the fastest growing industries in the world: Virtual reality and augmented reality. Check here for the key points.
  • $MIR and $REVO: As always we are keeping a close eye on these COVID-19 movers.

Oracle Watchlist is intended only as speculation and is not actual financial advice. Follow our group on Facebook.

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