Market Oracle (May 11th – 15th)

Major events to consider this coming week in the markets:

  • Bitcoin Halving: The next scheduled bitcoin halving is May 11th. Given the that this is the third halving, Bitcoin being the primary staple of cryptocurrency, and it’s recent run this could be a major event. Check the quick explanation here:
  • Oil Battles: Oil has bounced back after recently going negative but many companies still warn of redundancies and oversupply.
  • Continued Earnings: Many more companies are reporting this week. If you like earnings head over to to get the low down on what’s happening this week.
  • Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing: The feds of America continue to print (or better yet digitally create) money to be fed into the US economy. Check their website for their QE schedule.
  • Possible Secondary COVID-19 Breakouts: There is some anecdotal evidence mentioning that with the opening of some physical establishments such as in Korea the virus is in fact continuing to spread once social distancing has been broken.
  • COVID-19 Worldwide Shift: COVID-19 has flipped the world upside down. The movement of assets is happening swiftly right now in all markets. We have a creative theoretical perspective as to what is actually happening behind the scenes which incorporates elements of all sides of the arguments and may help you consider synergistic factors in coming investment decisions.

Best of luck to the investors and traders.

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