U.S Government Spent More to Fight COVID-19 than All of World War ll


In all of World War II, the United States spent $4.7 trillion (in 2019 dollars). It used the money to build some incredible things… tanks, airplanes, monstrous ships and devious bombs.

The money went a long way. The innovations it led to are all around us.

But $4.7 trillion is a lot of money.

To give that amount of cash some context, if we spend $1 million per hour, all day, every day… it would take 576 years to spend what we did to win that war.

But check out this stat from The Washington Post

All told, the U.S. government has committed more than $6 trillion to arrest the economic downturn from the pandemic.

In less than two months’ time, the U.S. government has spent more to fight the nasty effects of the coronavirus shutdown than it spent in all of World War II. Congress signed off on nearly $3 trillion in direct aid (and is eyeing another $800 billion), while the Federal Reserve has made moves that are likely to total more than $4 trillion.

Source: https://investmentu.com/reap-the-spoils-of-war-against-covid/


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