Safe Tech Dividend Stocks

These days it is important to find companies that will be able to continuing paying, and increasing their dividend with everything going on. Here are a few of the safest dividends in the tech industry, scroll for a deeper analysis 🎯

Apple is a household name that has worked it’s way into millions of people’s daily lives. They current have over $100 billion in cash, with only a 27% payout ratio. Apples revenue shows no signs of slowing down and they have a dividend you can absolutely count on.💯

Broadcom is a play in the semiconductor industry. They make microchips, software, and sell intellectual property rights. They are poised to be large benefactor of the 5G boom. On top of this, Broadcom has an incredible dividend 5yr growth rate of 55%! The moderate payout ratio of 60% gives them flexibility to continue paying a dividend. 📊

Microsoft is another household name on the list. This juggernaut has had rapid revenue growth accompanied by a raising dividend. Microsoft has amassed $133 billion in cash and consistently raised their dividend. With a low payout ratio of 36%, the dividend has plenty of room to run.📈

Cisco manufactures infrastructure platforms like routers, data centers, and much more. They are moving to a software subscription business model, and have liquidated under performing/ non-core assets. Currently CSCO has $33 billion in cash along with significantly more liquidity. Their dividend is in a great spot and has been growing at an excellent rate. Cisco’s conservative balance sheet make them a great buy for the current environment.💸

Which are your favorite tech stocks??

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