Freedom Cannabis

Freedom Cannabis is a private, seed to sale cannabis company Licensed by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. Established in 2017 and based in the province of Alberta, we have assembled a team of experts and experienced professionals who are working to build one of the world’s leading cannabis companies.

Demand after legalization of the adult recreational market in October 2018 far outstripped supply. With a comprehensive seed to sale business plan, sustainable growth strategy, and expansion capacity of over 2 million square feet, we are perfectly positioned to fill the supply gap and service burgeoning demand.

Five Key Points for Freedom Cannabis

  • Renewables (solar installation, water reclamation), Big operation costs come from energy costs.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ready facility and its link to export into the EU.
  • Risk mitigation strategy ( smaller room design, positive pressured rooms, sealed rooms, isolated HVAC per room) – proven by CanniMed (Now Aurora Cannabis)
  • Genetics variety
  • Vertically-Integrated Laboratory and 3rd party processing capability for another source of revenues. (State of the art VWR extraction + Analytical equipments , using super critical CO2 method)

Share Capitalization

Current Private Placement Round: $0.60 per share + 1/2 warrant at $.85 actionable after IPO


  • Full application submitted to Health Canada in Fall. File number received from HC and currently under review.
  • Full Security Attestation submitted in December 2018.
  • Freedom Cannabis received Cultivation and Sales license by Health Canada (04/05/2019)

Unique Growing Method

The growing method Freedom use is called the Isolated Growth Strategy. In this method, seedlings and plants are grown in smaller rooms varying in size from 1000 to 2,500 square feet. The isolated grow rooms allow for optimized environmental control of temperature, humidity, light, water, and nutrient supply to foster higher yields and superior quality. The segregated grow rooms also mitigate the potential spread of disease to a whole crop, unlike the “sea of green” method commonly used by other growers, where one diseased plant can wipe out an entire crop, potentially costing millions of dollars.

Master Grower (Mario giannini)

Mario has been growing cannabis successfully under MMAR since 2003 in operations ranging up to 15,000 square feet. In 2001, Mario established a hydroponics specialty shop which has now expanded to two locations. Mario can be found at the leading edge of the cannabis grow space, where he is well known for his expertise. In the industry he has been a source for equipment, supplies and consulting services. Mario has been providing these services to twelve of the larger Western Canadian Licensed Producers for the past four years.


  • Fully launched in Q1 2019 with production capacity capable of retailing and wholesaling product through numerous and diversified channels.
  • Potential to expand distribution through network of owned and operated retail store concept across the country.
  • Potential for entering European Market
  • First crops will be sold mostly to AGLC, while ramping up on medicinal clients.
  • Avoided signing supply agreements until we can guarantee medicinal patients needs.
  • In touch with several medicinal referral networks, will be announced once the medicinal sales license is granted.

Facility Update Interview by Co-Founder: Here

Source: Freedom Cannabis

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